Wellesbournes Runway 18

Coventry Aircraft Hire

Inside a Cherokee 180 aircraft at Wellesbournes Take Flight Aviation


Piper Archer 180 hp aircraft over Warwickshire Countryside


Over EGBW Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield near Coventry in Warwickshire

Piper Flying


E V E N T S   F O R   2 0 1 4

L E A R N  T O  F L Y . . .

Flying Lessons & Instruction 7 days per week.

Night Flying at Wellesbourne Airfield

Night Rating PPL Training - Thursdays & Fridays

January and February 2014 Official Night - 8pm

< 2013 -  what you missed last year!

J A N U A R Y   2 0 1 4

08 Members Club Night 19.30

at Mikes Place Honiley - The 2014 Fly Out Program

31 RAF Club Dawn to Dusk Presentation


F E B R U A R Y  2 0 1 4

06 Club Night (Thursday) Curry Fly-Out to Leicester

(EGBG) Depart Wellesbourne 17.00 More info

13 Club Night (Thursday) Curry Fly-Out to Leicester (EGBG) Rescheduled from last week due to wx!

M A R C H   2 0 1 4

06 Members Club Night (Thursday) TFA  Meet 17.00 for re-re-scheduled Curry trip to Leicester EGBG. Book on e-allocator or with instructor.

09 Sunday Shopping Trip to Gun Wharf Quay Portsmouth. Fly Out to Lee on Solent (EGHF). Meet 10.00 book in with admin@takeflightaviation.com


 A P R I L  2 0 1 4

02 Members Club Night at The Ferry Alverston  CV37 7QX. Fajitas, Flying, Fly Outs and Fun at the Ferry. 8pm Guests welcome. £10 for food if required.

06 Isle of Wight Fly Out. More Details... Postponed due to Weather

18/21 Amsterdam Fly Out weekend. More Details...

M A Y  2 0 1 4

07 Members Club Night . 17.00 Depart EGBW

for Go-Karting Contest return to EGBW 20.30 for Curry in Tiddington at 21.15 (Booking and Deposit required) email admin

18 Wellesbourne Airfield Open Day. At TFA we have Live Music BBQ, Aerobatic Experiences and Half Price 30min trial lessons to take on the day

30/31  Aero Expo 2014


J U N E  2 0 1 4

01 Aero Expo 2014

05 (Note Thursday) Members Club Night. Fly Out Planning 7 at club then Ferry Alverston by 9pm

06 Isle of Man TT (Day trip for Senior TT Race 13.00) more details...

12/13/14 Canne Air Show

15 Wellesbourne Wings & Wheels

21 Aviation with Borders "Fly Kids Day" ...more details

J U L Y   2 0 1 4

02 Members Club Night Evening Fly Out

05/12 The Big Club Fly Out 2014 - Prague and Salzberg 2014 including Red Bull Museum ...more details

12/13 Duxford Flying Legends

25/27 Polzeth Beer Festival


A U G U S T  2 0 1 4

06 Members Club Night  19.30 Talk from Logbook Aero - 50% off for Take Flight Members attending

16/17 Flying Proms Trip - Shuttleworth Old Warden ...more details

Fly In (Evening event Overnight Stay Required)


S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 4

02 Mile High Shave Video Premier and Salon Launch. 6.30pm Wharf Inn Fenny Compton

03 Members Club Night 19.30  Talk by Tom Eeles    "Cats shots and deck landings, flying the Buccaneer from Aircraft Carriers". Sadly - postponed due to family commitment

10/14 Jersey Fly Out plus Jersey Air Show

Wednesday-Sunday. Take in the Jersey Air Show and tour the lovely beaches of the Channel Isles ...more details


O C T O B E R  2 0 1 4

01 Members Club Night. - Club Talk from Phil Holt (Air Traffic Controller "This Crowed Sky" 19.30

03/05 Annual Isles of Scilly Fly-Out ...more details


N O V E M B E R  2 0 1 4

05 Members Club Night - Fireworks and Night Flying Briefing from John Eburne

22/23 Flying Show Telford


D E C E M B E R  2 0 1 4

03 Members Club Night - The Ego 19.30

19 (Friday) Take Flight No. 1 Christmas Party- Charlecote Pheasant Tickets. £50 each. Limited Rooms B&B avaliable at £50 per room